Our Work

Changa Changa Community School

Mazabuka, Zambia

Completed May of 2012

The Changa Changa Community School is a Christian Brothers primary school. Although the Christian Brothers provide a meal program for community children, the school did not have a clean water source of its own. In May of 2012, the water system at Changa Changa was installed, providing youth and community members with easy access to safe and clean water.

Dorbu Village School

Dorbu, Sierra Leone

Completed May of 2013

With no access to clean water, children and community members in Dorbu suffered from very high rates of diarrhea, cholera, and waterborne infections. In May of 2013, a water system was installed in the local school in the hopes of reducing occurrences of these preventable but all too often life-threatening illnesses.

Levuma Community Secondary School

Levuma, Sierra Leone

Completed March of 2014

The Levuma community had no access to clean water nearby and the local economy was struggling severely. In March of 2014, a water system was installed in the community school where over 600 local students are educated.


The Gambia

Completed January of 2016

The only local water source in Jambanjelly was a well built in 1987, full of over 30 years worth of debris. In January 2016, a new, more sustainable water system was installed in the community, with extensions built to reach the Jambanjelly school.


Farkunku, The Gambia

Completed January of 2017

In this rural Gambian village, clean water was a necessity for both community members and the farming animals their economy depends on. Installed in early 2017, this water system consists of a bore hole with three taps for the village, providing clean water to an otherwise deprived community.